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YWCA's Youth Learning Centers:

Helping children to boost reading skills

Partnering with parents for academic success

What We Do: Staff work to boost reading skills while providing safe environments for students while they are not in school. 

Who We Serve: YWCA Central Carolinas serves 300+ children in grades K-5 in Mecklenburg and Union counties. Centers are located in public housing communities, neighborhood recreation buildings and fragile neighborhoods.  

Why it Matters:  Reading is a great predictor in high school graduation rates and success later in life. In Charlotte-Mecklenburg, only 39% of third graders read at grade level. YWCA is dedicated to help children boost their reading skills, setting them up for academic success. 

Some background information on the YWCA Youth Learning Centers:  

Fifty weeks each year, 10 YWCA Youth Learning Centers open their doors after school and during the summer to more than 315 youth from fragile communities, in grades K-5.

Our staff members work to boost reading comprehension levels of the students, provide safe environments during out-of-school time, and engage parents in a partnership that results in the increased academic achievement of their children. 

Youth Programs engages the entire family in the education of youth participants through our family support component.  With family support, parents are empowered with tools and resources to play an active role in their child's education. 

After School Program

Our after school program provides a safe learning environment where the focus is to help children improve their reading skills. A schedule of daily activities and special events is posted at each center. Additional activities include, but are not limited to: homework help, cultural enrichment activities, field trips, health and wellness activities, and community service projects. Community partners such as Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts (Hornets' Nest Council) provide additional programming. 

Summer Program

Educators agree that children who read during the summer gain reading skills. We're committed to providing a summer program that prevents summer learning loss and provides opportunities for enriching experiences. In addition to literacy activities, students enjoy activities that promote cultural development, health education and physical activity. 


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Check out our students doing the The "Reading" Dance with Hugo the Hornet! 


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